See the Giant Kings of the Ocean

Whale watching is on everyone’s bucket list and so it should be, these magnificent creatures are easily spotted in North Iceland

How about rafting down a glacial river ?

Take on this exciting journey in North Iceland

Explore North Iceland

Iceland is a popular destination for many travelers who are looking for unique landscapes, adventure and comfort. Northern Iceland hasn’t experienced the same tourist boom as the southern part of Iceland but it is just as exciting and unique. The majestic mountains of the Troll peninsula will inspire you. Skagafjörður is the home of the Icelandic horse and wonderful culinary. The Beer spa 🍻 in Árskógssandur or the Black Beach Hot Tubs in Hauganes are a great experience, Mývatn area is a geographic wonder with its lava park, pseudocraters, nature bath, great variety of birds and the huge black sand desert. Dettifoss waterfall is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Heimskautagerði near Raufarhöfn is a must see place, especially in the bright summer nights. Grímsey island, the northernmost part of Iceland, holds the Arctic Circle.

Northern Iceland is a place to remember. Let’s go Up North!

Mountain biking in North Iceland

Mountain biking has been a thing for decades in Iceland, where Icelanders challenge themselves to climb the peaks of the island and battle the forces of nature. Climbing mountains might sound fun for some but for others it sounds like spending a day watching paint...

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Christmas traditions in North Iceland

Christmas is a magical time of the year everywhere. In the darkest corners of the world, being so close to the North Pole, Icelanders do know how to enjoy this time of year. It's a relief to hang up beautiful lights indoors and outdoors to face the...

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Transport guide – How to get to North Iceland ?