Winter in North Iceland

Winter is a beautiful season in North Iceland and completely different from what you can expect during the summer season. You can expect a lot of snow in the north – usually much more than in the south of Iceland and periods of blizzards with blocked roads so keep a good eye on the weather forecast at and at

The winter is long, especially during the dark months of December and January, for a whole month the sun doesn’t come up at all but you’ll have around 4-5 hours of daylight.

Winter is usually a low-activity season but you can experience North Iceland during winter with a couple of tour operators that operate during wintertime and we highly recommend the snowmobile tours. It’s such a thrilling experience to go “off-road” (the only off-road driving allowed in Iceland is when the ground is completely covered in snow) and go to places you would never get the chance to see during other seasons. The Northern Lights tours operate from October through mid-April and are not to be missed. The main reason we recommend the Northern Lights tours is that it’s so much more time saving, safer and so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Have fun in Iceland and stay safe!

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