Horseback riding tours

The icelandic horse is a beautiful and friendly animal, that came with the original settlers in the 900’s. The breed hasn’t changed at all for almost a thousand years, so this friendly horse is a true viking horse. Although it is relatively small compared to other horses, it’s far from being a type of pony – at all. It’s much stronger and more resilient than the pony breed. The icelandic horse has five gaits and because it is used to staying outdoors, even through harsh winters, it’s extremely strong and healthy and its personality has charmed people all over the world.

You’ll see horses in fences by the roads everywhere in North Iceland. Even though the horses will walk towards you if you stop over, it is not recommended to feed him or pet without the owners permission.

If you are interested in getting to know the icelandic horse, please check out the tours below – they have perfect horses and unforgettable tours.

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