Whale Watching Hauganes

Whale watching Hauganes is located in the heart of Eyjafjordur fjord with only an approx. 18 min sail to where the whales resided last year. Their traditional oak boat is a charming vessel and the captains are all local fishermen who know the bay like the palm of their hands. In 2016 there was 99,8% viewing success and large humpback whales are very commonly spotted.
The tour departs from a small village called Hauganes, only 20 min drive from Akureyri.
You’ll get an overall to keep you warm but it’s nice to bring mittens and a cap/beanie.

Whale Watching and Sea Angling – Includes 30 min of Sea Angling
Whale Watching – 100% Whale Watching
All tours are 2,5-3 hrs long.

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Tour provider: Whale Watching Hauganes
Address: Hafnargata, Hauganes
By Road #82