Snow dog sledding

Adventurous and scenic tour with the Siberian Husky dogs in the area around Lake Mývatn. This is a brilliant Dog sledding tour on snow and a visit to the Siberian Husky Kennel at our farm Heiði, Lake Mývatn, North Iceland where the dogs are un-chained and well taken care of.

Two guest and a Musher from Snow Dogs share each wooden dog sled with 7-8 Siberian Husky dogs pulling.

Your Musher will teach you the basics in dog sledding and how to work with these amazing dogs. Distance on the sled is 6 – 10 km. Time dog sledding is about 1 hour and total time about 2-3 hours with the kennel visit.

There will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures on the tour with the dogs and the great landscape around lake Mývatn.

Tour operated on snow.

Do I get to drive a sled?

Absolutely, you will have your chance driving the team of dogs if you wish to.

How many people go on a sled?

2 customers/sled and one guide. Families with children under 12 years go together on one bigger family sled.

How much time to we spend on the sled and what distance will we cover?

Time can vary quite a bit depending on the dogs, people, weather and trail conditions. So on average, the 2 hour tour is out for about 45-60 minutes on the trail and covers about 7-8 km.

How many people can you accommodate?

Usually we only take 4-8 persons a day on our 2 hour tour.
How many sleds go out at once?

Again depends on the day and bookings, normally we only have 1-2 sleds at a time.

Will we see wildlife on the trail?

Not likely. There are only few foxes, mice, ptarmigan and snow buntings here in the winter time. We don’t often see them but we do frequently see their tracks however so we know they are there!

What are the trails/scenery like?

Our kennel is located „in the middle of nowhere“. The trail is in the soft hills in the barren highland of Iceland. When the weather is good we will have a great view over the Mývatn area and into the center highland of Iceland. There will be no trees in our way.

How should we dress?

Layers is always best in winter, with good winter boots, and a winter wind/water proof outer shell, hat & gloves, sunglasses and you will be set! If you want we can borrow you a warm overall and gloves.

Is there anything we should bring with us?

Just warm clothes, sunglasses and a camera, we take care of the rest.

Should I arrive early for my tour?

We do try and start right on time, so if you are there about 5 minutes early that is great. If you have any questions about directions at all please call us.

What is your cancellation policy?

Tours that Snow Dogs cancels before departure will be refunded 100%

Dog sledding tours may be canceled by Snow Dogs because of illness, snow condition, animal health concerns, weather, safety concerns, natural disaster or any other reason Snow Dogs owners or staff consider necessary.

If a client cancels a tour more than two days before departure we make 100% refund.

Not showing up on departure and cancellations less than two days before departure are not refunded.

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