Sea Angling in Grímsey

Sea Angling is a great sport for the whole family! The North Atlantic ocean around the island is a rich fishing ground where fishermen have sought for centuries, reaching way back since Iceland was first settled in 10th century.
Fishing has long been the main industry in Grímsey since it’s a relatively short distance from the rich fishing grounds.

We sail with an experienced local captain who will share his story and experience with fishing in the area from an early age. He will fillet your catch which you can take with you!

Included: Life vest, fishing rods, your catch!

Please note: Minimum on tour: 6 adults for boat trip to be guaranteed. We will contact you and re-schedule or give a refund if minimum is not reached.

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Tour provider: Arctic Trip
Address: Grimsey island
Ferry from Dalvík or flight from Akureyri