Arctic Sea Tours Rhib Whale Watching

Imagine being so close to the gigantic whales that you could give them a *high five*! That’s what it’s like being on a rhib boat in Eyjafjordur bay around the humpback whales. The speed gives us a great opportunity to investigate a larger area but the captains always stay in touch and know where to find the whales at each given time. The trill of moving fast and breaking the waves is not to be forgotten, Arctic Sea Tours rhib boats have a special suspension seats for greater comfort, increased safety and less physical fatigue.

Even if you’ve done regular whale watching, this is a highly memorable experience!

a) Arctic Sea Tours reserves the right to change or amend prices in the event of currency fluctuations, taxes or other external cost increases which we have no control over. Tickets purchased prior to the increase will not be affected by the change.

b) When buying a whale watching ticket online you can always change your time or date by sending a mail to or by phone 00 354 771 7600. If for any reason you can not go out with us please let us know and we will cancel and repay your booking no question asked.

b) Arctic Sea Tours reserves the right to make any changes to the tour schedules, informing all our clients immediately.

If you have any mobility issues or medical problems, please let us know in advance and we will assist you.

If you wish to change your reservation we kindly ask that you give us advance notice, we are very flexible and will help with any alterations or changes you would like to make.

If you cancel your tour 24 hours prior to departure we will fully refund your ticket.
Weather Conditions:
All our tours are weather dependent and may be subject to cancellations. The final decision will be made by our captain with many years of experience, putting passenger safety and comfort first at all times!
In case of weather cancellations please contact us for rescheduling or for a full refund.

Sightings can never be guaranteed as we are sailing in the open sea in search for wild animals. However, for the past 3 years our sightings have been up to 98% so the chances are very good!

If your tour does not sight a whale, we offer you another chance for free

NOTE: You always need to reschedule if you want you join us again, as places on our boats are limited

Please note that we can not guarantee a tour on the next day/evening, it all depends on weather and sea conditions.
Complaints & Compliments:)

We want our customers to have a personal & unique experience and receive the best possible service on our tours. If you have any comments, complaints or even compliments we are always happy to receive any of those to have the chance to improve our services or share the compliments with future passengers!

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