Fat Bike Experience

Experience the majestic mountains on the Troll peninsula on a Fat Bike. Nature has never been this close! Fat Biking is one of the fastest growing sports for a reason! The bikes allow you to travel through almost any terrain with ease, mud, snow, rocks. And we’ve got plenty of that in the Troll peninsula.

Let us show you the local trails, tell historical stories and give you a new kind of cycling experience! The mountains are steep and the tracks are in some cases made by free roaming sheep who have created a path throughout the centuries.

The Fat Bike experience in Siglufjordur on the Troll peninsula could be the highlight of your trip!

Duration: 3-4 hours

Fitness level: 3/5​

Age limit: 15 years

Departure: Mon – Sun 10:00 & 17:00

What to bring: Waterproof Clothing, Warm Layers, Hiking Boots, Water, Lunch

Whats Included: Fatbike!, Hot Drinks & Snacks

Group size: 2-6 Pax

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Tour provider:
Wild Tracks

+354 772 6063

By Road #76