From Akureyri to Siglufjörður – Three tunnel tour

To arrive at our destination we have to drive through 3 mountain tunnels, passing dramatic sea cliffs along the way. In between high mountains lays Siglufjordur or Siglo. We visit an award winning Herring Museum on the tour, where we get glimpse into local life during the early 20th century.

Siglufjörður was the main herring town in Iceland during the “herring years”. In the early 20th century the workers arrived in full force to the area to make the most of this exciting time.

Without a doubt, herring played the biggest part in getting the Icelandic nation out of the turf houses and into the modern time.

The tour begins with a visit to a former herring village, Hjalteyri. A visit there is almost like stepping back 40 years in time. The old houses along with the former herring meal factory stand there as if waiting for the past to return.

Why did the Icelanders fight with the bigger nations in Europe to protect their fish in the 20th century?
What was produced with the herring-fish oil?
Why was the herring so important to the Icelanders?
How do they make rotten shark?

We will answer all these questions and any you might have during the day.

When we arrive at Siglufjörður we visit the award winning Herring Era Museum (included in the tour price), were our guide will walk with you to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

You will have time to explore the village .

This tour takes you along some of the most beautiful coastline in the North of Iceland.

Tour length: 5 hours

Price: 19.000 iskr – No minimum rate

Depart from: Hof Culture Center – Hotel pickup available in Akureyri

Operated: All year

Included: Transport, guide and the entrance fee to the Herring Era Museum.